Gatsby Klaviyo Flow Templates

Get flow templates designed to quickly stand up your scalable & automated ambassador program.

Included below:

1. Video overviewing the flow templates

2. Which discount codes to create

3. The triggers for each flow

4. How to receive the flow templates.

Note: Klaviyo integration is not included on the Essentials plan.


Gatsby Flow Template 3

The above 10 minute video walks through the flow templates. It also briefly shows the process for creating dynamic Shopify coupon codes in Gatsby and embedding these in the Klaviyo flow emails.

For more detail on creating and using the discount codes, check out this guide.

Quick Preview

For example, Flow 1 invites your customers to follow you on Instagram

Gatsby Flow Template 1

Flow 2 thanks them for following, then invites them to post an Instagram Story:

Gatsby Flow Template 2

Then, Flow 3 Rewards them when they post that Story for you

Gatsby Flow Template 3

Discount Code Sets To Create

To use all 11 of these flow templates, please create the following code sets in Gatsby:

Coupon Code Sets

For help creating your codes, please refer to this guide.

Code Set 1 - Reward for Instagram Story

 Template suggests $10 off next order, included in Flow 3.

Code Set 2 - Referral Codes

Template suggests 20% off, one use per customer, included in Flow 4.

Code Set 3 - Reward for TikTok Video

Template suggests $10 off next order, included in Flow 6.

Code Set 4 - Reward for Instagram Reel

 Template suggests $20 off next order, included in Flow 8

Code Set 5 - Reward for Referring Sales

Template suggests $50 coupon code after referring $250 in sales, included in Flow 9.

Note: The above are suggestions & should be considered a starting point.

Your codes should be proportional to your product prices. You also can offer additional codes for additional mentions and for one-off collabs. Have fun with it!

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 11.41.19 AM

How to Get The Templates

Invite to your Klaviyo account as a 'Manager' and we'll sync over the following flow templates for you and work with you on the trigger setup. 

Tip 1: All flows come with Email and SMS templates as well, so its easy to get up and running. Just customize the branding and insert your coupon code variables.

Tip 2: Clone the emails in the flow and have them resent as reminders days and weeks later to remind your customers to take the desired social action.

Flow Triggers:

Flow 1 Segment Trigger

  • Instagram_Handle_Gatsby is set
  • Is a member of the appropriate Klaviyo List (optional, see below)

When to use a list? If you're collecting social contacts from DMs and other sources unrelated to your ambassador program, be sure to specify in this Segment builder to only include contacts that filled out your Ambassador Signup form. You can accomplish this by having your ambassador signup forms sync with a unique and corresponding list.

Flow 2 Segment Trigger

  • Instagram_Verified_Gatsby is true AND
  • Instagram_Follows_You_Gatsby is true AND
  • (optional) in the appropriate list

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 11.04.51 AM

Flow 3 Event trigger: Mentioned You

With the following Trigger Filters and Flow Filters:

  • Caption is not set
  • Instagram_Verified_Gatsby is true
  • Instagram_Follows_You_Gatsby equals True
  • Has not been in this flow at any time before

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 11.07.07 AM

Flow 4 Segment Trigger

  • Received Email from Flow 3 before AND
  • Has the referral code in their properties

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 4.32.08 PM

Flow 5 Segment Trigger

  • Received email from Flow 4 AND
  • TikTok_Followers_Gatsby is at least 1

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 3.56.00 PM

Flow 6: Event trigger: Mentioned_you_tiktok_gatsby

With the following flow filters:

  • Received email from Flow 5 before
  • Has not been in this flow anytime before

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 4.05.11 PM

Flow 7 Segment Trigger

  • Received email from Flow 6 before OR
  • Received email from Flow 3 at least 14 days ago

Note: The "OR" criteria for Flow 3 is to help in case the ambassador doesn't have a TikTok profile or chooses not to post a TikTok video and you still want to encourage them to do more Instagram engagement

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 1.23.00 PM

Flow 8 Event Based: Mentioned you

With the following trigger filters & flow filters:

  • Caption is set
  • Received email from flow 7
  • Has not been in this flow before

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 4.15.16 PM

Flow 9 Segment Trigger:

  • Net_sales_gatsby is at least 250

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 4.16.55 PM

Flow 10 Event Trigger: Mentioned you

With the following flow filters:

  • Received email from flow 8 before
  • Has not been in this flow in the past 7 days

Note: If you're not using TikTok then instead of the filter looking for flow 8 it might be flow 6

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 4.18.16 PM

Flow 11 Event Trigger TikTok_mentioned_you_gatsby

With the following flow filters:

  • Received email from flow 6 before
  • Has not been in this flow in the past 7 days

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 4.20.59 PM

Please let us know if you have any questions! And if you don't already have a Gatsby account, create one here.