Which Instagram content will be tracked?

Between public, private and creator IG accounts, and different content like posts, stories, mentions via tag or in a caption etc, there are a lot of different scenarios to consider.

Based on how the Instagram APIs work, there are some limitations and requirements to be aware of when you're looking at which Instagram content is being tracked.

See below for each scenario and how the data is tracked.

And keep in mind that for any content to be tracked in Gatsby, the Instagram Handle that's mentioning your brand must first be added to your Gatsby account and show up in your All People results.

Will this content be tracked? See scenarios table below:

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Influencer Account Type

Instagram Post

Instagram Story

Public Instagram

Yes, public accounts that tag you in the picture and/or @mention you in the caption are tracked. (@mentions are immediately pulled into Gatsby, tags may take up to 15 minutes.)

Yes, public accounts that tag you in a Story are tracked. The story content is viewable in your Gatsby dashboard until it expires 24 hours later. The time-stamp of the mention is logged indefinitely.

Creator Instagram

Yes, same as above

Yes, and you can save their story content if they authenticate here. More details on this advanced story tracking here.

Business Instagram

Yes, same as above

Yes, same as above

Private Instagram

Not tracked (unless you both follow each other)

Not tracked (unless you both follow each other)

For more on Story Tracking, please see this guide.