Instagram Story Tracking with Gatsby

Track Story mentions from all people in your Gatsby account automatically. Takes 2 minutes to set up.

As of Jan 2022, Gatsby clients can now track Story Mentions from all their customers / influencers in their account automatically.

Above: showing Story mention tracking in DM / Messenger feature

Below: showing Story mention tracking in Media table. While the media itself expires, you'll have a saved record of the mention event indefinitely. All of this syncs with Klaviyo / your ESP as well.

How To Set Up Story Tracking in Gatsby (2 Quick Steps)

Step 1:

In your Instagram Business Account, turn on "Allow Access To Messages"

Instagram >> Settings >> Privacy >> Messages >> Scroll Down

Step 2:

Connect your Instagram account to Gatsby. This only takes 1 minute by clicking the "Continue With Facebook" button, steps here.

Note: If you installed Gatsby prior to January 5th, 2022, you'll need to disconnect and reconnect your Instagram account following the same steps, linked above.

Using Story Tracking

Once you've turned on "Allow Access To Messages" and connected Gatsby, tracking your mentions in Stories will work automatically.

Test steps

  1. Import a test Instagram handle to your Gatsby account

  2. Log into that test Instagram account and @mention your brand in a Story

  3. Scroll down in the Data tab to the Media table, and see that your Story shows up

Media expiration

Per Instagram's policies, we are unable to save the Story media, and it will be unavailable for you to preview once it expires after 24 hours.

However the mention event will be time-stamped and tracked in your Gatsby account indefinitely.

Plus, the Story mention event will sync with your customer's record in Klaviyo, Omnsend, Sailthru, Gorgias, etc, and create a Mentioned You event that you can use in your Segments and Flows.

To save the story content and for deeper story analytics, your influencers will need to have a Creator account in Instagram and follow these steps.

Please let us know if you have any questions via the chat button to the right.