How to connect Gatsby with Instagram

To activate your Gatsby account, you will need to connect with your Instagram Business Account

Below are the steps to connect Gatsby with your Instagram Business Account. This is a required step to go live.

Step 1: Connect with Facebook / Instagram

Go to Settings >> Account >> Connect

Click "Connect with Facebook" button

You will be guided through a few steps to connect your account with Facebook. Just be sure to select the Instagram Business Account you want to track insights on, and the Facebook page that is connected to that Instagram Business Account.

Because Facebook owns Instagram and they designed it so that every Instagram Business Account is associated with a Facebook Page, please select that Instagram Account's associated Facebook Page.

(this is simply because of how the Facebook/Instagram APIs work. We will never post to your Facebook or your Instagram for the matter, it's just how we are able to get you the necessary insights).

If you are not sure which Facebook Page to select, select multiple Pages or All and our system will automatically check and connect the right one.

Step 2: Confirm All Permissions Are Checked "Yes"

Review all the permissions are checked as "Yes", and then press Done.

We will never post anywhere or follow / unfollow anyone. All of these permissions are required to show you the metrics on which of your customers are tagging & mentioning your brand and how those posts are performing.

Now you will see a small thumbnail image of your Instagram Business Account to confirm the connection. If you are on one of our premium plans and connected multiple Instagram Business Accounts, you'll see multiple thumbnail images:


Testing: Check your Media and Community Data

You should see some members start to sync in. We pull some of the most recent content that you've been tagged in, so if you don't see any media within 15 minutes of connecting Instagram, let us know.

Also, please test that Instagram Stories are tracking for your brand.


Do this this, tag your brand in a Story and confirm it comes through within a few seconds of publishing.

If the Story doesn't come in, confirm your Instagram Settings are correct, as shown in this guide.


Let us know if you have any questions / feedback. Enjoy!