Importing Handles into Gatsby

To import Instagram handles of customers and influencers you're already working with, please use the CSV template linked here (will immediately download).

Or to make your own, it's three columns titled exactly as below for email, instagram handle, and tiktok handle:

It's only required that you have email in each row, and at least one of the handles, example shown below:

It is okay for the handles to include "@" but not necessary. For example, a handle like @sample vs sample without the "@" will work just the same once imported.

Reminder, it is required that you include email address.

If you import just Instagram or TikTok Handles without email, nothing will import.

If you do not have email addresses, then we recommend importing with a single generic email for all the rows. Gatsby's data enrichment and mention tracking will still work with a generic email address, however you will be unable to sync with your email marketing system and automate communications.

Once your have your CSV file ready for import, log into Gatsby >> Data tab and click the Import button and select your file:

Depending on the plan you're on, there are limits to daily imports. If you attempt to import more rows than your plan supports, an error message will appear and none of the rows will import.

Note: if you only have access to Numbers and not Excel or Gsheets, please reach out to us as Numbers saves the csv with extra headers and breaks the import, so we will import for you.

A successful import may take up to a few minutes to start populating.

Please let us know any questions!