Connecting Gatsby + Rebuy Smart Cart

Collect social handles from your Rebuy Smart Cart and sync to your Gatsby account

By integrating Gatsby with your Rebuy Smart Cart, you'll be able to add a toggle switch to your Cart that loads a Klaviyo form.

This Klaviyo form can offer a final incentive to get the sales conversion and collect the customers' Instagram or TikTok handle for your community growth.

Note: currently this integration only supports Klaviyo forms.

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 9.37.54 AM

Watch the implementation overview video:

Step-by-Step guide

1. Open Gatsby, Klaviyo, and Rebuy Smart Cart

2. Create a Klaviyo Form that collects Email and Instagram Handle (or TikTok). Be sure to use the profile property of 'instausername' so it syncs to Gatsby (as shown in this guide)

3. Go to Rebuy >> Smart Cart >> Scroll to the bottom for Apps >> click the Gatsby gear icon

Gatsby Smartcart app toggle on

4. Click the Gear icon next to Gatsby and input info from the Klaviyo form you just created

klaviyo form info for Gatsby smartcart app

Note: Be sure to follow the styling above for how the Klaviyo script and Klaviyo form look.


To get your Klaviyo script: Klaviyo Settings >> API Keys and grab your Public API key:

Klaviyo public API key location

Place that API Key at the end of the following string:


To get your Klaviyo Form ID:

Klaviyo Form ID location

And be sure to only paste in Rebuy the part that looks like this:



Lastly, decide what you want the message to be on the Smart Cart:

Smart Cart description field

And where that message / toggle switch should show:

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 10.00.57 AM

See the video embedded at the top of this page for a visual of what the different locations look like.


Any questions, let us or the Rebuy team know. Thanks!