Connect Gatsby with Zapier

Easy way to use Gatsby Webhooks to receive data from any form 

Zapier makes it easy to send data to your Gatsby account. For this guide we're using Webflow Forms as the example form / trigger, but you can use any Zapier trigger, and it will be a similar.

Zapier starts with a free plan, 100 zaps, aka Instagram handles, passed to your Gatsby account free per month. You can see their billing details here.

Step 1: Log into your Zapier account

  • Choose your trigger & connect to it (in this example, connecting to Webflow)

Step 2: Log into Gatsby and set up your webhook

  • Navigate to the Integrations Tab >> Webhook

  • Enter field ID's for Email Address and Instagram Username (example could be: email and instausername)

  • Click "Save" and click the "Update Campaign" or "Launch Campaign" button in the header of Gatsby

Step 3: Map those Webhook fields in Zapier

  • Copy your Webhook URL from Gatsby and Paste into the URL field in Zapier

  • Map those Field ID's accordingly in Zapier, example shown below

Step 4: Test and Turn on Zap

Don't forget to turn on the zap, that's the most common step to forget :)

Let us know if you have an questions!