Which events & properties sync with Klaviyo

From follower counts to Instagram mentions, the following are the specific properties that Gatsby syncs to Klaviyo.



All Custom Events from Gatsby to Klaviyo:

1. Mentioned_You which means an Instagram Mention Event
2. Mentioned_You_TikTok_Gatsby means a TikTok Mention Event
Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 5.48.22 AM


3. Orders_Tracked_Gatsby means the ambassador referred a new order through their coupon code.

Custom Properties passed to Klaviyo:

1. Coupon Name_Code_Gatsby which is the customer's coupon code you've assigned to them.
coupon code gatsby klaviyo
2. Custom_Tags_Gatsby which includes any "Tags" you've applied to that profile in Gatsby
3. Influencer_Mentioned_You_Date which is updated to show that last date of an Instagram or TikTok mention event
4. Instagram_Bio_Gatsby
5. Instagram_Firstname_Gatsby
6. Instagram_Followers_Gatsby this is the big one, their number of Instagram followers
7. Instagram_Follows_Gatsby this is the number of people they follow on IG
8. Instagram_Handle_Gatsby
9. Instagram_Lastname_Gatsby
10. Instagram_Posts_Gatsby
11. Instagram_Profile_Image_Gatsby which is a link to their profile image
12. Instagram_Verified_Gatsby which is true if they have sent you an Instagram DM
13. Orders_Tracked_Gatsby updated to show the number of Orders they have driven via their code(s)
Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 2.43.55 PM
14. Sales_Tracked_Gatsby updates to show the amount of revenue they have driven via their code(s)
Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 2.44.08 PM
15. Segments_Gatsby which includes any segments they're in in Gatsby so you can easily build a Klaviyo segment that mirrors it in real-time
Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 5.42.36 AM
16. Tiktok_Bio_Gatsby
17. Tiktok_Followers_Gatsby
18. Tiktok_Follows_Gatsby
19. Tiktok_Handle_Gatsby  
20. Tiktok_profile_image_Gatsby
These same properties and events sync with Attentive, Omnisend and Sailthru.
The same events sync to LoyaltyLion and Stamped and Gorgias and more.

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