Not Working? Things To Check

What to check if things are not working when you test your implementation

Instagram Story Tracking or DM's not working?

Check: Have you "Allowed Access to Messages" in your Instagram app?

Most companies already have this setting enabled before they come to Gatsby, but if you're not receiving Story mentions or DMs in Gatsby, be sure to confirm you've completed step 1 of this guide:


Instagram posts / reels / stories not tracking?

Gatsby can only track content from public profiles, so please make sure the Instagram account you're testing with is public. More info on what content is tracked and specifics, can be read here:


TikTok videos not tracking?

While Instagram videos are tracked via an @mention or tag, TikTok tracking is based on hashtags. Make sure you've connected your TikTok account and added at least one hashtag you want to track. Also it's important that the hashtag is pretty specific, having less than 1,000 videos on it. Lastly, it can take up to 1 hour for a TikTok video to be tracked, so if its under an hour still, please wait a bit longer.

This TikTok tracking guide shows more:


CSV import not working?

Make sure you are importing less rows than your plan max. For example if you're on the Lite plan, you can have 300 profiles in your Gatsby account. So if you are attempting to import 350 rows of people, the whole CSV import will fail.


Other issues? Please chat us or send us an email at so we can dive in with you!