Connecting Gatsby + Yotpo Loyalty

Give your customers Yotpo Loyalty Points for Instagram Mentions

With this integration, you will be able to reward your customers for Instagram Mentions as part of your broader loyalty and rewards program in Yotpo.

For example: Earn 25 points for mentioning us on Instagram or TikTok

Below are two videos introducing this integration, the first is a high level overview of how this works, and the second video includes the step-by-step instructions.


Set-up instructions:

Step 1:

Open your Gatsby and Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals accounts

Step 2:

In Yotpo Loyalty, go to >> Settings >> General. Take note of your API Key and GUID

Step 3:

In Gatsby, go to >> Integrations >> Click on Yotpo >> and enter the API Key and GUID you found in Yotpo. Click Integrate and then Click Launch Campaign or Update Campaign up top.

Step 4:

In Yotpo, go to >> Programs >> Earning Points >> click Start A New Campaign

Step 5:

Scroll to the bottom and select Custom Action.


To Track Instagram mentions (Reels, Posts, Stories), for the Action Name, put exactly this:

Mentioned You (Gatsby)


To Track TikTok mentions based on your #hashtag, use the Custom Action of:




Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 12.43.25 PM


As shown above, that Action Name needs to match so we can associate the mention action with this reward. However, the Campaign Name can be whatever you would like.

After this is done, fill out the rest of that Custom Action form to designate how many points a mention should be worth, if they can earn this reward 1x or multiple times for multiple mentions etc.

Once you complete these steps, make sure you activate the campaign:

Step 6: Testing

You can test the integration by importing the same test user to both your Gatsby and Yotpo Loyalty programs. We match users by their email address.

Step 7: Important Note on Strategy

In order for a mention event to count, your loyalty member must be in both your Gatsby and Yotpo accounts.

So it's best practice to do the following:

When a customer clicks the program tile to activate the mention offer, you send them to a landing page where they need to enter their email + instagram handle to proceed. The form they submit syncs with your Gatsby account.

Example shown below:

Then after they submit the form you notify them they are now activated and able to publish an Instagram Post or Story to receive their Points.

Please let us know if you have any questions!