How to confirm Instagram profiles with DM auto-replies

Just like with Email and SMS, it's ideal to get the consumer to confirm they entered the correct email or phone number. With Gatsby, this is also true and we now have a way to confirm customer Instagram profiles automatically using DMs.

Step 1:

As soon as a customer fills out your form to apply to your community or ambassador program, tell them to DM you the word "confirm". 

Confirm Instagram handle in landing page

Example of confirming IG profile in auto-reply

And what's great is we'll pass this confirmation back to Klaviyo as well so you can enforce that only confirmed profiles can qualify for your rewards.

For example the below screenshot shows profile properties in Klaviyo:

Profile properties in Klaviyo

And it can easily be used in Klaviyo Segments:

Using confirmed profile in Klaviyo segments

That's it! For more about using DM auto-replies with Gatsby, please reference our blog post