How to change your account's email address

For brands who install Gatsby via the Shopify App Store, your Gatsby account will default to your Shopify admin email address. So to change the email address on file for that reason, or any other reason, follow these steps:

1. Log into Gatsby

2. Hover over the home icon

3. Choose Settings

4. You'll see fields for name and email, you can edit your email address right there

Important to note: once you change your email address, you'll receive a confirmation email at the new email address. You'll need to click a link in that email to confirm your new email address in order for the change to take effect.


For brands with multiple Gatsby accounts:

If you change your email address for one account, it will delink it from your other Gatsby accounts. You'll need to log into each Gatsby account and change the email address for each one to re-link them together. More details on this is shown in the short video below.