Connecting Gatsby + Sendlane

By integrating Gatsby with Sendlane, you will be able to automatically pass the names, emails, and follower stats to your contact records in Sendlane.

To integrate, first make sure you have both a Sendlane & Gatsby account.

Step 1:

Log into Sendlane >> Account Settings


Step 2: Scroll down on Account Settings until you see "Your Security Credentials"

Step 3: Log into Gatsby >> Hover over your logo on the bottom left >> Select Integrations:

Step 4: Hit "CONNECT" under Sendlane

Step 5: Copy the API, HASH Key and Domain details from Sendlane into their associated fields in Gatsby:



Step 6:

Locate your List ID# in Sendlane by clicking on Lists, choosing the list where you want your Gatsby data to update, and then find the ID # next to the list name (in the screenshot below, it's list_id 1)

Step 7:

Simply put the number of that list (ie: 1) in the List ID field in Gatsby and press "Integrate"

That's it. Let us know if you have any questions!