Integrate Gatsby + HubSpot

By integrating Gatsby with Hubspot, you will be able to automatically sync Instagram data, like follower counts, to your contacts in Hubspot

Setup Guide for Gatsby

The Gatsby app integrates Instagram data points, like follower size and profile image, with your contacts in HubSpot, enabling users to:

  • Automate collab invites to your most influential customers
  • Understand your customers better


  1. Log into your Gatsby account (
  2. Navigate to the menu top right> Integrations
  3. Locate the Hubspot card

  1. Click Connnect
  2. Select your HubSpot account

3. Click Choose Account

You will see the following screen, which in some cases is automatically accepted.

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 2.20.11 PM

You will be redirected to the Gatsby "Integrations" page and a new button to "Disconnect" will be available (signifying that you are not connected)

Watch a 10 second video of this install flow:

Using the new customer properties

Once connected, Gatsby will sync the following custom properties to HubSpot:


Note: Only Instagram profiles associated with an email address in your Gatsby account will be able to sync with their corresponding record in HubSpot.

Also, the sync happens automatically going forward when a profile is updated in Gatsby. If you need to retroactively sync older profiles, please contact us.