With this integration, you can incorporate Instagram insights into your support prioritization and workflow automations in Gorgias.

Top Use Cases:

- Flagging customer support tickets based on any influencer metrics, like if the customer has evangelized & mentioned the brand on Instagram before, or if they have high potential to become an influencer for you.

- Enabling reps to turn positive support experiences into influencer opportunities, ie: ask happy customers to share their experience on Instagram and track the media, engagement & reach that come from these interactions, as well as conversions from any thank you promo code they're given.

- Automate influencer outreach and rewards when happy customers go on to mention the brand on media, including with Instagram DMs now through Gorgias.

Watch a 3 minute overview of the integration:

How to Connect

Watch this 1 minute video on connecting your Gatsby and Gorgias accounts:

Step 1: Navigate to your Integrations tab in Gatsby and scroll down to Gorgias:

Step 2: Enter your login details into the prompts. To get your Password API key, go to Gorgias >> Your Profile >> REST API

That's it, now we can confirm everything is working correctly and update the widget settings in Gorgias to show the customers Instagram stats.

Step 3: Refresh an instagram profile for someone you have in your Gatsby Data Tab. Choose someone that has submitted a ticket to you in Gorgias before.

If you don't have any mutual customers in both Gatsby and Gorgias then simply add your own personal Instagram account to your Gatsby Data tab using the Import option and then mention your brand in a post from your Instagram account.

(This can be from a former Instagram post you published before and now just simply edit and @mention your brand in the caption temporarily). This should trigger a Mentioned You ticket to be created in Gorgias.

Step 4: Go into Gorgias >> Tickets >> Search the email address for the person you have in both Gatsby and Gorgias.

Click Edit Widgets on the top right of the Ticket:

Drag the Instagram Data over to the right pane and give the widget a title like: Instagram (Gatsby)

Click Save Changes and now every ticket where there is Instagram Data available will show up on the right pane automatically.

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