Zapier makes it easy to send data to your Gatsby account. For this guide we're using Webflow Forms as the example form / trigger, but you can use any Zapier trigger, and it will be a similar.

Zapier starts with a free plan, 100 zaps, aka Instagram handles, passed to your Gatsby account free per month. You can see their billing details here.

Step 1: Log into your Zapier account

  • Choose your trigger & connect to it (in this example, connecting to Webflow)

Step 2: Log into Gatsby and set up your webhook

  • Navigate to the Integrations Tab >> Webhook

  • Enter field ID's for Email Address and Instagram Username (example could be: email and instausername)

  • Click "Save" and click the "Update Campaign" or "Launch Campaign" button in the header of Gatsby

Step 3: Map those Webhook fields in Zapier

  • Copy your Webhook URL from Gatsby and Paste into the URL field in Zapier

  • Map those Field ID's accordingly in Zapier, example shown below

Step 4: Test and Turn on Zap

Don't forget to turn on the zap, that's the most common step to forget :)

Let us know if you have an questions!


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