Quick Summary:

In a few minutes, you will be capturing Instagram handles with your Klaviyo pop-up and automatically sending them to your Gatsby account for influencer insights.

Once connected, you will be able to create Klaviyo segments to automatically email your customers based on how many Instagram followers they have, and trigger rewards & automated flows when they tag you media.

This integration unlocks new Klaviyo flows for influencer marketing, eliminating the manual processes of finding influencers, coordinating collabs, tracking when influencers post, issuing rewards, and measuring performance.

This the easiest way to convert your social customers into brand ambassadors and influencers automatically, thank you for choosing us. Let's get started:

This guide makes a couple assumptions:

  1. You did not install Gatsby via the Shopify App Store. If you did install our Shopify App, please move to this guide for Shopify App users instead.

  2. The Klaviyo popup on your website is not an A/B test. Currently this integration does not support popups that are in an A/B test.

Before we begin. please watch a 3-minute video demo if you haven't already:

Step 1: Capture Instagram Handles With Your Klaviyo Popup

  • Log into your Klaviyo account

  • Navigate to the "Signup Form" that's published on your website

  • Create a new text input field for Instagram handle, ie: "Your @Instagram"

  • Name the "Profile Property" for that field as exactly: instausername

  • Publish changes

Note: Starting November 2021 we rolled out support for TikTok handles. To collect TikTok handles in your Klaviyo form, repeat the steps above and then:

  • Name the "Profile Property" for that field as exactly: tiktokusername

Step 2: Manually add your script tag (skip if using Shopfiy app)

This is only for customers who did not install Gatsby from the Shopify App Store. If you came through the Shopify App Store then skip this step.

For this step you are going to add your main Gatsby tag to your website - if you haven't added it already.

The following screenshots show a Shopify backend, but it's the same process for any backend - you're just adding these tags to your main theme file's <body>.

Example using Shopify, but same general process applies to all websites:

  • If you are using Shopify (but did not install us via the App Store), login to your admin console >> Online Store >> Actions >> Edit Code

  • Open Theme.Liquid:

  • Create a couple new blank links directly above the </body> tag.

  • Now go back into Gatsby >> Install tab and left click anywhere in the black box to automatically copy your main Gatsby tag into your mouse.

It should look something like this (but do not just copy the generic tag below, please copy your specific tag from the black box in your Gatsby account)

<script src="https://gatsby-statics.gatsby.tech/[your-brand-name]/script.min.js"></script>

Paste the tag that's in your mouse in the new blank line you created in your theme.liquid file, directly above </body>.

Step 3: Press Launch / Update Campaign button

Press the "Launch Campaign" button (or it might say "Update Campaign" button if you've already launched before). This button is available in Gatsby header. Press this button every time you make changes, to ensure all saved changes publish live.

That's it - now the Instagram handles from your Klaviyo signup form will pass to your Gatsby account for insights. Please advance to this guide now on syncing those insights back to your Klaviyo account.

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