Note: Refersion's webhooks feature and our integration with it is still in beta. You will need to contact your Refersion team to see about turning Webhooks on before continuing.

Step 1: Custom Field

To get started, first make sure you have a custom field in your Refersion sign up form to capture Instagram Handle:

Step 2: Setting up a webhook in Refersion

Next, within Refersion: navigate to Account > Settings > Webhooks (on the bottom left) and click + Create New Webhook.

A new window will pop up like the one below:

Under "Type" select: New Affiliate

Now pause there, and open a new tab for your Gatsby account:

Step 3: Get Your Webhook URL

Once logged into your Gatsby account, hover over the logo on the bottom left and choose Integrations:

Find the "Webhooks" box and press "View Webhook":

Step 4: Complete Integration

Copy that Webhook URL from your Gatsby account and paste it into the Webhook URL field in Refersion that you paused on in Step 1.

Press "Create".

Lastly: Go back into Gatsby and click the "Update Campaign" button

After this, the email address and Instagram handle from your Refersion signups will flow into your Gatsby account and be enriched with Instagram profile data.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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