Quick Summary:

This guide may look long, but it goes quickly - we break down every small step.

In a few minutes, you will be capturing Instagram handles with your Klaviyo pop-up and automatically sending them to your Gatsby account for influencer insights.

Once connected, you will be able to create Klaviyo segments to automatically email your customers based on how many Instagram followers they have, and trigger rewards & automated flows when they tag you media.

This guide makes a couple assumptions:

  1. You installed Gatsby via the Shopify App Store. If this is not the case, please move to this guide instead.
  2. You are using a Klaviyo pop-up on your website. If this is not the case, please see our guides to connect with Justuno popups, Wisepop pops, or general guides for using Google Tag Manager, Webhooks or a Post URL.
  3. The Klaviyo popup on your website is not an A/B test. Currently this integration does not support popups that are in an A/B test.

Before you begin, please watch this 3-minute video demo if you haven't already:

Step 1: Capture Instagram Handles With Your Klaviyo Popup

  • Log into your Klaviyo account
  • Navigate to the "Signup Form" that's published on your website
  • Create a new text field for Instagram handle, ie: "Your @Instagram"
  • Name the "Profile Property" for that field as exactly: instausername
  • Publish changes

Note: If you are not using a Klaviyo popup, then you will need to connect Gatsby to a different popup or form on your website. Contact us about this.

Step 2: Copy / Paste API key to send data from Gatsby to Klaviyo:

  • At the top of your Klaviyo page, click on your store name dropdown, navigate to Account >> Settings >> API Keys
  • Click the blue button for "Create API Key"
  • Write "Gatsby" for the label, and copy the Private API key into your mouse:

We're now going to paste your Klaviyo API key in your Gatsby account to finish the integration.

After that, your Gatsby insights will flow back into their appropriate customer profiles in your Klaviyo account.

  • Open your Gatsby account by clicking the "Continue To Your Dashboard" button back in your Shopify Apps page for Gatsby

(If you did not install Gatsby via Shopify, please move to this guide instead)

  • Click the Integrations tab in the Gatsby header
  • Scroll down to Klaviyo and click "Connect"
  • Paste your private Klaviyo API Key from your mouse and press "Integrate" (it may take a few seconds to respond, and you may need to click it twice or in the white space too -- a small bug we're fixing)
  • A second field will then appear - select a default list from your account (it doesn't matter what list you pick)
  • Press "Integrate" a second and final time

Step 3: Connect Gatsby with your Instagram Business Account

  • Navigate to the Brand tab on the side bar, top left
  • Click the "Continue With Facebook" button and follow the steps that popup.

If you have any questions about this connection with Facebook / Instagram please refer to this guide and chat us any questions.

Step 4: Press "Launch Campaign"

Press the "Launch Campaign" button (or it might say "Update Campaign" button if you've already launched before). This button is available in the header or available under the Install tab in your Gatsby account. Press this button every time you make changes, to ensure all saved changes publish live.

Step 5: Do 1 full test to populate the fields

Test #1: Profile Properties

Please test everything was set up correctly by submitting an email address & a real Instagram handle that you have access to. If the test was successful you will see the following new profile properties in the Klaviyo user profile:

Test #2: Create an Instagram "Mentioned You" event

Please log into the Instagram account that you used in Test #1 and now mention your brand in an Instagram post. You can tag your brand or mention in a caption or comment using the @ sign. You can do this for a new post or a recently published post. Within 15 minutes you should see "Influencer_Mentioned_You_Date" on that user's Klaviyo profile and the ability to select Mentioned You as a new Klaviyo Flow trigger.

You've now connected Gatsby & Klaviyo ūüéČ ¬†

What's next? Create your Klaviyo Flows

Now that you have completed the steps above above, all the new Instagram handles you capture going forward will be enriched by Gatsby and synced to that subscriber's record in Klaviyo. This makes it easy to create dynamic segments based on influence.

Please continue to this guide when you're ready to set up new Klaviyo Segments and Klaviyo Flows to automate the outreach and rewards to your influencers.

Note: If by chance a default Gatsby popup shows up on your site as well, it's easy to turn this off. Just navigate to the Display tab in your Gatsby account and make sure the Show Button options are not checked:

You should also check that the Gatsby confirmation email is turned off as well since you're using Klaviyo for your emails. (it should be turned off by default)

Always click the "Save & Continue" Button and Update / Launch Campaign button to published changes you make live.

Please let us know any questions or continue to set up your influencer flows!

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