Automated Intros is an easy and powerful marketing automation tool, where you can tell Gatsby to initiate an email introduction to your most social customers. 

To turn this feature on, first make sure you are at least on the Merchant Tier, then head to your Dashboard:

Under Automation Settings, click the gray dots next to each social channel to turn them green. You will see a screen like this:

Click Turn On Now (and don't worry, you'll be able to change the email template later)

Continue to follow the above steps for each of the social networks you want to turn on for automation.

Once you have all the green dots, select the minimum # of followers you want your customer to have on that social network, in order to qualify for an automated intro:

Now it's time to set the email template. Head to the Content tab directly above the dashboard, and select Emails:

Scroll to the second email text box, and begin editing the text. 

*Note* both text fields supports HTML. The top Email box is for the Thank You email which is sent out when the user earns your promo code or raffle entry on your site.

Once satisfied with the text, you can set the Subject Line, From Name, Signature, and Footer

Press Save then click the Update Campaign button.

Gatsby will now check your dashboard each night, and send the automated intros between you and any customers who both used your campaign that day AND met your threshold minimums.

If you want to send these emails out through a different service provider, I suggest leveraging our Zapier Webhook integration

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