If you want to pass the follower stats to Mailchimp, start by clicking on the List in your Mailchimp account >> Settings >> select "List Fields & Merge Tags" and create 2 new fields with the exact names of:


As shown below:

Then To Start The Integration:

Create or Sign in to your Zapier account and select Make a zap!

Select Webhooks by Zapier as the trigger app by typing its name.

Select the trigger Catch Hook (second option) and click Save + Continue

Skip the Pick off a Child Key (optional) by clicking Continue

Click Continue on Pick a Sample To Build Faster

Click Copy next to the Webhook URL

Download POSTMAN: https://www.getpostman.com/apps

(Screenshot below for your reference)

  1. Paste the Webhook URL into the params field
  2. Choose POST as the request type from the drop down list
  3. Click the "Body" radio button
  4. Click the "raw" radio button
  5. Select "JSON (application/json) from the dropdown next to "raw"
  6. Paste the following exactly as-is into the text field:

"lname": "zapiertest",

All the settings above should look like this:

Once all the above looks good, click "SEND" on the top right

You should get a response that looks similar to this:

Once done, go back to your Gatsby Brand Portal >> Integrations tab. Click Connect on Zapier, scroll down and paste the Webhook URL and press Integrate. (If it's not still in your mouse, copy it again from your tab open on Zapier.) 

Now, to finish the integration, go back to Zapier and click OK, I did this

You should now see your sample data, then click Continue

Now you need to configure the Action app. Here, we'll configure Mailchimp:

Select Add/Update Subscriber

Choose the account to which you want to add the emails (note you need to log in your Mailchimp account to see it here)

Lastly, configure the basics by selecting the list you want to add the emails to, and the dynamic email and name fields we just configured by opening the drop down list, via the icon with 4 lines and a + sign and selecting the test fields:

Note, if you don't see fields for First Name and Last Name or Followers and Following, click Refresh Fields on the bottom of the page

Now just click Continue and do a Final Test:

Last step: click Finish then name your Zap and ensure you turn it on :)

Let us know if you have any questions.

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